Sunday, January 24, 2010

World Of Design Travels To Florida!

This week I will be traveling through florida to give my World of Design presentation. In this I will be showing film clips and slides of travels throughout the world. I will also share my new Sunbrella fabric collections and furniture for Miles Talbott. Tues Jan 26 Robb & Stucky, Altamonte Springs, Wed. Jan 27, Robb & Stucky, Tampa and Friday Jan 29 Robb & Stucky, Bonita Springs. I hope to see you who live in Florida then. I will have photos when I return of shops, design ideas and people I meet. I will see you on Feb 1.


  1. It was a pleasure meeting at Robb& Stuckey in Tampa, Florida on January 27th. Your presentation of World Design and Sunbrella fabrics was so enlightening!

    I loved hearing about your travels and the creative design you created because of them. The idea any room should be lived in...which includes your kids was music to my ears! Who knew Sunbrella fabrics could be so delightful. I will definitely be watching out for all your new and delicious ideas! Thank you again!

  2. Thank you for your nice comments. I had such a nice experience meeting all the R&S staff.


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