Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ruggiero To Introduce New Art!

My new art will be introduced this Spring at the Furniture Market, produced by W.King Ambler. It is in the works and I have time to change the framing. These are costume sketches I did while in Venice. I would like to ask your opinion. Should I use a gold or silver frame? I would love to get your input.
Thank You.


  1. Love the sketches! You are sooo multi-talented! I would go w. silver. More updated look and it competes less with the color of the costumes.

    I am a Swede in Seattle who loves mixing traditional design with modern. Like you I am also a huge art lover. I have (even Huz) watched many of your programs. You have loyal fan here!

    Much fondness, Monika

  2. Dear Monika:
    Thanks for the nice comment. I appreciate your in put.

  3. Joe,Larson Juhl has some fabulous frames with a coppery tint. I would bring that out. The images are gorgeous!


  4. Thanks for the nice comments Karena.


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