Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ralph Lauren Chicago Showcase

The landmark buildings that Ralph Lauren is creating from the ground up are truly remarkable. This one in Chicago on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Chicago Avenue appear to have been there from the turn of the century. Now in New York he is creating another building to house his women and home collections across the street from the famed Rhinelander mansion that he restored almost 25 years ago. Least we not forget the spectacular Parisian restoration he has just completed which has all of Paris talking about. I visited the new rooms in Chicago and loved the Heiress Collection. A mix of casual "home spun" linens mixed with heavenly embroidered silks. One is transformed into a magical world.

The Charming restaurant at the Ralph Lauren store serves an Italian oriented menu. Along with a superb outdoor cafe (before the wind and snow hits) it remains one of my favorite haunts whenever I visit Chicago. Now that Ralph's Paris restaurant is such a rave, a new wave of Ralph Lauren restaurants may be in the future.

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