Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunbrella Damask? Looks Like Silk!

What a pleasure to use Sunbrella fabric called Venezia in applications that call for a fine Italian looking silk. With Sunbrella there is no problem with fading in the sun, so you can use for drapery, upholstery, top of bed or in this case bed hangings. I like to use tab-tie tops for easy cleaning. Yes, you can throw these panels in the wash with a cup of bleach if you need to and not worry. I also like the fact that it is pet and kid friendly!

I am off to San Francisco to present my Spring Collection of Sunbrella fabrics and my new upholstery for Miles Talbott. I will be back with photos in a few days.
This is a shot of our bedroom with Sunbrella bed drapery.

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  1. Hi Joe !

    Great looking fabric... I like it very much, and your bedroom (chambre) looks great too.

    Dean in Naples


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